Heritage Walk and Local Food Trial around Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia

UNESCO has dubbed Georgetown as a “unique architectural and cultural town-scape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia.” UNESCO has spoken, so you better be packing right now! A new adventure is waiting to unfold!
The rich history of Georgetown, along with Malacca, can be seen through the many structures that stand tall in the city. The capital city of Penang has in its land Fort Cornwallis which is the first British settlement on Penang.

The ancient structure of Fort Cornwalis where the bronze statue of Captain Francis Light is located; the magnificent and beautiful City Hall, Town Hall, State Assembly Hall and High Court House form the heart of Penang government administrative zone.

Georgetown “Street of Harmony”also houses Kapitan Keling Mosque, St. George's Church, Melay Achee Mosque, Sri Maha Mariamman Templeand Khoo Kongsi Temple. These structures show that diverse cultures, in fact, reside in the city. These diverse cultures also reside in harmony in the city as proven by the numerous Chinese, Tamil, and International schools and colleges in the area.


Apart from visiting heritage sites, you will also have a taste of some Malaysia’s most delectable cuisines! Prepare for a gastronomic treat because you certainly will be full by the end of the tour!
On your visit to Georgetown, you might also want to drop by nearby attractions including BaBa-Nyonya Museum, Khoo Kongsi, Fort Cornwallis, and Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion.
- Get to know one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and bask in the beauty and history behind every building
- Revel in the deliciousness of every Malaysian food that will be served to you while on tour
- Take pleasure in walking along the quiet sidewalks of Georgetown and visiting the historical attractions of the area
- the Street Art that cover the entire Georgetown Heritage , which will be a new adventure to take all the photo and finding the location of it.