A Dazzling Firefly Nature Tour in Nibong Tebal, Malaysia

Do you want to have a memorable vacation, one that would let you forget about your unread text messages or work problems? Pack your bags, mate. You’re about to have a good time!

Nibong Tebal is where you’re headed. It’s located at Penang Mainland, a part of Malaysia that houses many of Malaysia’s off-the-beaten path attractions. It is also in this part of Malaysia where you can see an exhibit of lights. Think that’s normal? Definitely not! These lights are provided to you by fireflies! A colony of fireflies!

These fireflies inhabit the quiet river of Krian. In there, they provide a magical show to those who are seeking to be entertained and to those who wish to see the striking flickering lights that they produce.

To see the spectacular show of natural lights, your tour guide will help you hop on to a boat that will travel for an hour through Krian. If you’re afraid of the dark, then a little heads up! This boat ride will happen anywhere between 7 PM to 8 PM, just in time for you to see the lights of the fireflies. Don’t fret; you will still see a bit of the sun when you start cruising. It’s also the perfect moment because that time is almost sunset!

By the time you get there, you will first see mangrove trees. It is actually what attracts the fireflies and the locals of Penang are grateful for that.

After that magnificent show, you will get more acquainted with nature and you will find new appreciation for everything that’s around you.

Once you’re back on land, you will probably be hungry. No worries, there’s a seafood restaurants just along the river. Their line-up of delectable cuisines will invite your stomach to indulge in a lovely dinner.